Sunday, September 20, 2015

~ See you next year ~

My son asked: "What's ORACON? Is it anything like ComicCon?
I said "Sure it is, we dress up like our favorite authors."

But wouldn't that be fun?

Costumes or no costumes, the annual Ozarks Romance Authors Conference in Springfield MO
 is not to be missed. It's so much more than romance, every genre can be found among the attendees.
Whether you'e a newbie with stars in your eyes or a seasoned pro there is always something to be learned by sharing time with fellow authors. 
Not to mention the guest speakers who share their expertise from various arms
of the writing and publishing world.
The creativity floating about the room is electric.
Just plug in.

Indie Authors are some of the most generous people I've ever met .
Where ever you go someone is willing to share some exciting bit of news they've stumbled across that just might make your journey a little easier.

And you happily pay it forward.
Snippets of conversation are peppered with
"Have you heard of this?'
"Have your tried this website. It's full of information."

And it's a good thing because in the world of Indie publishing, what worked last year may not be the smartest choice this year.
 You've got to keep your ear to the ground and be ready
to hop on the next bandwagon or be left behind.

So suck it up Buttercup, 'cuz
"There's no crying in Indie Publishing"

I always leave the conference feeling like the energizer bunny.
Overflowing with ideas and a tote bag full of goodies
I head off into the world of writing
with a little more knowledge tucked under my hat.

Thanks to all the hard-working people who made
this conference a sweet success.

See you next year.
After all the only thing a writer likes better than writing,
is talking about writing. 

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  1. It always surprises me how generous other writers are and ORA is a great example. I've learned a squillion and one tips from them. The conference is something I look forward to all year and making a weekend of it is even better! I've already marked my calendar for next year!


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