Tuesday, July 5, 2016

~ Her name was Savannah ~

Her name was Savannah. 
I first saw her on 7.17.13.
 Almost exactly three years ago. 
She stood in the shadows, at first.
But I sensed her there, 
the faintest baby's breath of her story 
on the back of my neck.
 More a feel of time and place than anything else. 
And a sense of sadness
 hanging in the air when she left.
Slow to trust,
 she eventually moved out of the dark and into the light. 
Vulnerable, with all her imperfections on display. 
And I knew then, that I loved her in spite of them.
 I held out my hands and she placed her story in my open palms.

She trusted me. 
I hope I've done her proud.
And I hope you fall in love, too,