Wednesday, May 28, 2014

~Slow Simmer ~

                        "I try to leave out the parts
                          that other people skip."   
                                                                   -Elmore Leonard


If only it were as easy as Mr. Leonard states.  (above quote) 

The Bootlegger's Wife is proving to be a difficult beast to tame. 


I'm finding that this is a very demanding story.
Demanding to be told in its own way.
The only problem is...I'm not sure which way that is.
Every time I head off in one direction, it's takes off in another. 
 Whenever I think I've got it nailed down, there's a little tap on the shoulder
and a whisper saying "Pssst....over here."

So instead of fretting and wringing hands 
in order to maintain my self- imposed release date, 
I'm turning the flame down low 
to let it simmer nice and slow.
The soup is not ready until it's ready.
It never tastes as good if you rush it. 
( Hmm...Sounds like I'm cooking up a metaphor soup)

After spending the last few weeks with my editor,
my creative juices are flowing like a fresh mountain stream. 
Right now I want to drink from that stream until I get my fill. 

There is more to be done with The Bootlegger's Wife.
All the heavy lifting has been done. 
But this time I will  go back in with the precision of the surgeons scalpel,
making some fine cuts.
Making a small opening for something new here and there
 and digger deeper for that buried treasure.

Thankfully, I'm in love with the whole process
and before you know it 
I'll be shouting. 
Soup's On !!