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Meet Tierney James

Come over here and let me introduce you to this lovely author. 
Tierney James, is the real deal. A class act and gorgeous, to boot. I should hate her , but I don't.
Do yourself a favor and get to know her through this short interview and then through her writing. 
You can thank me later !

Author Tierney James

Garrett Horton is a hard rock miner with an attitude. Why should the reader like him?
This hard rock miner is a redneck good ole boy with brains, looks and courage. He doesn’t give up on his men or the love of his life that abandoned him just days before their wedding. Determined to understand why Fawn left him, Garrett uncovers a conspiracy created by her father.
Fawn’s father is the owner of the lead mines. She’s determined to shut out the past after returning home. The biggest obstacle to her happiness turns out to be her stubbornness and a heart as hard as the rock brought out of the mines. 

Why would a rich girl even consider staying in such a small town with no opportunities?
I spent 25 years of my life in a hard rock mining town. There’s something very culturally rich and satisfying about living with people who don’t take life for granted. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the richest or poorest, a miner or a logger, there is a common goal of surviving. Everyone is connected through work, school and mining. The entire community becomes a family. When I left the mining industry I grieved for my family. The history I created there became a part of the fabric of who I am. Now, fourteen years later, I still consider it part of my life. Fawn came back because there are things money just can’t buy.

Living in a mining community must have its challenges. What was that like?
When I gave birth to two children my husband had to drive me 60 miles to a hospital. Both times it snowed. I drove 40 miles to get groceries for a month at a time. Our local store could supply small items, but sometimes it wasn’t enough. The movie theater was over an hour away. Kids played outside until dark. Friday nights the town went to the high school basketball game. Swimming in creeks or floating down the Black River. Picnics and baseball games made life pretty awesome.

Living in a mining community sounds like serious stuff. Can you tell readers something funny that happened to you there?
There were a couple of old guys who lived up the hill from me. They would drive down to buy hay from me and put it in their car. After teaching my Great Dane to jump up and remove my hat, she decided to do the same with my two neighbors. They never came back. I still laugh when I remember the look of panic on their faces when my dog jumped over the fence to greet them.

When you picture your characters who played the parts?
This is something I like to think about before I start writing. I thought about Mark Wahlberg being Garrett Horton and Jeff Bridges as Big Jim Turnbough. 
I created a pinterest board to see some of the mines and scenery. You can see them on this link.

This is a romantic suspense with twists and turns. Is this the kind of books you usually write?
I do like to surprise the reader. My novels usually are more geo-political thrillers. I’m currently working on my first urban fantasy. I’ve also written two children’s books. The Rescued Heart is the first romantic suspense. There are a lot of stories stomping around in my head.

What is one thing about yourself that might surprise readers?
There have been several careers I’ve always wanted to do. Being an astronaut was always a dream as well as becoming a war correspondent. I was able to go to Space Camp for Educators and become a Solar System Ambassador for NASAs Jet Propulsion Lab. The correspondent thing never happened, but becoming a writer is a pretty good place to be.

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