Tuesday, July 28, 2015

~ At The Water's Edge ~

has always been my salvation. 
I believe never more so than now.
I had just begun to lay down the words
for my third novel. 
Fingers itching to tell the story.
But those all-important pages were cast off
without a second glance when
a cunning thief,
  came and stole my husband right out from under my nose.

I no longer recognized my life.
All energy was channeled into simply surviving.

Then, during the dark night of the soul...
words began to wrap around me like my grandmother's quilt. 
I let my feelings run down through my fingertips 
and drip onto the pages of my journal.
And began to heal.

I'm breathing easier now. 
Finding my way back. 
My darling protagonist, Savannah, 
has agreed to take me by the hand and lead the way.
 And I'll let her. 
I've been tossed a life line,
 and I will grab it and hold on for dear life. 
For dear life.
Life is ...dear. 

Am I back in the game?
I have my toes in the water !