Tuesday, September 8, 2015

~ A Place of One's Own ~

I've been busy putting together the writing space in my new digs. 
A task both fun and bittersweet.
You see the room wasn't supposed to look like this. I had another design direction in mind entirely when my life took a 180 degree turn.  
But...that's life. 
For in those moments we are reminded that we're not in charge.  
Now newly widowed I decorate this space with no one else in mind.
 Just me.
That's a phrase I'm still getting used to.  
I've been saying it with a little more conviction lately.
Yes. It's just me.
And that's OK.
 I must say I'm thrilled with how the room turned out.
(claps hands excitedly)
I love decorating almost as much as I love writing.
My first purchase was this massive desk so I can spread out all my notebooks. 

It's a serious desk.

Meant for serious business. 
 The kind of desk where Ernest Hemingway might have written 'The Old Man and the Sea
I'm hoping it's solid good looks translate to some seriously good writing.

Once I had the desk, the new vision for the room danced into view.
I chose this serene color palette of soft grays and creams, 
wanting the kind of space that just wrapped itself around me.

A little task lighting, with a sweet reminder that someone is watching over me.

Since this space must double as a guest room when I'm not churning out best sellers, 
(cough cough)
 I chose this comfy Hide-a bed. So the room remains streamlined and still functions like an office. 

I think my favorite find was this little gem on Etsy; a map of ancient Rome. 
I had it framed in six pieces and hung like a giant grid. 
I love, love, love it. It came from a guy in Slovenia. Isn't shopping on the internet GRAND?

(Sorry, I couldn't seem to get a picture without the light fixture showing up.)

A large window looks out onto my street with plenty of  mature trees
 and green to soothe the eye. 
You are aware that writers spend an inordinate amount of time 
staring out the window aren't you?
No we're not daydreaming or wasting time.That staring out the window thing? That's work.
That's plotting the next move, running over a scene in our minds. 
Those quiet 'lost in thought' moments are integral to writing.  

Then of course, there's stuff...

I love how this bulletin board turned out. I have my 'fortune'
from a dependable Fortune Cookie tacked in the corner already.

P.S. I'm well aware that Lizzie thinks she's a Kardashian  and must wriggle herself into every photo possible.
Look closely, and you'll see 'you know who's nose!' I was going to edit it out, 
but hey...she works so hard for it. 

 So I'm done with the finishing touches on this charming space,
this soothing cocoon, this writer's dream.
I guess the only thing left to do is:

By the way; was that Ernest Hemingway
I just saw walk by with a sandwich? Wait a minute, Bub. That's my DESK.


  1. Love your new space. Very tasteful, just like the lady who created it. My space looks like a tornado just went through.

  2. Love this post! Your writing room is DARLING. That desk...TO DIE FOR. And what writer's nook would be complete without a furry apprentice?? I love you have the Light of your life's dog tags hanging on the light. He's beaming, watching his Flower thrive under the harshest of conditions and saying with pride, "Yep. That's my girl, still making me proud." What a lovely space to pen a lovely tome. In spite of your setbacks, you are indeed blessed and best of all, you're AWARE of that fact. SO looking forward to your next literary adventure! :-)


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