Monday, August 11, 2014

~ What the H ... ~

I've been wearing a lot of hats lately as I prepare my book for the world.
While holed up for months on end in my little writers corner , I am ruled by the creative side of the brain. 
Months upon months are spent happily hammering out the next blockbuster for the literary world, 
( insert laughter here)
  and during that time I wear only ONE hat. 

This is my creative really gets the juices flowing. 

 Too much?

But as soon as the manuscript is completed, it's time to start the old hat switcharoo.
It's time to put on the business hat and let the other side of the brain take over.
Although the business hat is not just one hat but...Many.
Sometimes I feel like this guy

Whew !!!! Look at me Go !!!

The business side of things is a whole other world.
It requires constantly being plugged into the market and learning on the fly.
 In this biz, things change almost daily. 
And even for Wonder Woman, that's a lot of hats for one person.

Not exactly my comfort zone.
When mostly all I want to do is.....

Thankfully there is much that can and SHOULD be contracted out:
Cover Design
Professional Editing
(but I still have to do all the research and FIND these masters of their domains)
I am lucky indeed, to have found such great people to work with along the way.

Speaking of hats....

What the H.. (hat) ???

Oh my

Let's get back on track here, shall we?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.
Not one little bit. 
Because along with all the responsibility comes all the rewards!!!
I firmly believe that this is the greatest time in history to be a writer.

Is it worth it?

You bet.


  1. Ah, Beatrice's Famous Toilet Seat Hat. You might want to rethink posting that monstrosity because its like pouring acid on one's eyes and making it difficult to read the rest of your article! :-D Yes, you wear many hats, from inception to promotion, of your writing and that is difficult for most people to pull off. You, however, wear them all well and look simply FAB doing it! :-) Your love of your art is inspiring and how could it not be? A lovely book like "The Bootlegger's Wife" is itself inspiring!

  2. What a cute post and it's so true. I recently said I felt like I was spinning a lot of plates. Love that graphic! Love the hats, too.

    Good luck on this exciting, scary, rewarding journey, Terri!


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