Saturday, August 16, 2014

~Retreat ~

I'm not talking about sounding the alarm and running for the hills. I'm talking about taking a moment. A day or two to step away from the busyness, the noise, the things that pull you this way and that. I've been on retreat to Conception Abbey north of St. Louis a couple of times, each time I've left renewed. Filled up again, where I had been depleted. Whenever I have a quiet moment to hear myself think, I find that
poetry spills out of the cracks and crevices that were stuffed with busyness from my work week.

 My times at Conception Abbey are no exception. I loved the fact that I was just left alone. To come and go at my leisure. No schedule, no meetings, no groups to attend. My days were my own to fill up or... NOT.
It was my choice.

I love Gregorian Chant. Something about it immediately soothes me. You know the old saying
 "Music tames the wild beast." That's me.

 "Gregorian chant is how the soul sings." 

The Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.
Borrowed from Conception Abbey's website.

Here's one of the little poems I wrote during one of my stays. 

The low moan of the monks alerts me
to the sacred parade. 
Heads bowed
 intent on the task at hand 
they file in like a whisper
oblivious to my comings and goings.

Voices rise and fall
and I move with the old world rhythm
as my soul recognizes 
the familiar call 

Ancient supplications
wrapped in sing-song cadence
soar to the rafters 
then settle in the stone walls
and the hallowed halls
where thousands of prayers 
have lived for years.

My breathing slows 
my heartbeat quiets
the plaintive voices beckon
and I remember
who I am.

My days have been extremely hectic as of late
and I find myself thinking that
 to retreat is a good thing !!

How about you???

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  1. Oh, this is a lovely post and I remember that poem! I love Conception Abbey! We REALLY need to go back!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful memories of autumn leaves, silent monks, sparkling lake, and even silliness. Oh...I want to go back!


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