Tuesday, April 29, 2014

~Puzzle Pieces ~

                            "If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it."
                                                                 -Elmore Leonard

What's been going on around here?
 I've been putting everything together, my friend. 
I'm on the very last leg of the 'writing' journey, with 'The Bootlegger's Wife'.
(sound the trumpets here)

Puzzle pieces that were once scattered about on the table top
have now been put into place.

Each random puzzle piece
represents a character, a piece of the story, research,that relates to the next piece.

My editor, Scott Southard, has been pouring over my manuscript and offering sound advice. 

A fresh pair of eyes, especially eyes that know what they're looking for
 is just what my manuscript needs at this point. 
It's time to make sure all the puzzle pieces fit neatly into place. 

It's his job to find where I might have been shoving the wrong piece into the hole
 trying to make it fit. 

A good editor 
shines a light for you to find your way.
They don't do it for you. 

After all my hard work I don't want to be left with a gaping hole.

But if all the pieces come together properly

You'll never see the seams.

Fingers Crossed


  1. if it doesn't fit GET a bigger HAMMER

  2. A fresh pair of eyes can be scary but also validating. A "well-dressed" manuscript can become a "sartorial" masterpiece. See what I did there? :-) I was fascinated by the advice you were given, your thought process on the advice, and how you implemented it. It has made me think about my own writing in a different way. Seems to me you made a wise decision. I'll be VERY interested to see what else transpires about your collaboration to make Frankie and Frances the best they can be. They deserve it, my friend, and so do you.


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