Sunday, October 27, 2013

~ A writer's companion ~


          When writing a novel a writer should create living people;            people not characters. A character is a caricature.

                                                                   - Ernest Hemingway

Speaking of Ernest Hemingway, have you noticed that most writers seem to have a writing companion of the furry persuasion sitting by their side during the creative process? Hemingway was well known for his cats, the descendants of whom still roam all over his island property. Count me among the majority, as my darling Lizzie is more than happy to keep me company during the long hours spent in front of my computer.Writing is a lonely, solitary endeavor; and the steadfast companionship offered by the truest of friends should never be taken for granted.

Listening attentively to my every word....

My very own Elizabeth Bennett. Could one have a better muse?

Having your dog or cat nearby also gives you a handy excuse when someone walks by and hears your characters having a conversation. What? No you didn't hear anything, I was just talking to the dog. It's important to read your work aloud, to hear the rhythm of the words as they fall from your lips. My ears are often able to pinpoint a problem in the flow of the conversation between my characters that had gone undetected by the eye alone. So I am often found acting out a scene for Lizzie, using my best acting skills to bring my characters to life, and in the case of 'Back to Austen' employing my best British accents.

She is a faithful friend that never questions my madness. Well that's not exactly true.......
Sometimes when I read her a bit from one of my latest scenes, she laughs uncontrollably. The only problem is's not a comedy.

Exhibit A

Everyone's a critic.


  1. That made me laugh out loud...nice for a dreary Monday morning. :-D I LOVE that last photo of Lizzie!!! I know what you mean...Sadie is my companion, although not as patient a companion as I would like. My character Gabbie often has to pause in mid-humiliation (wait for the book) so I can take Sadie outside to chase the Evil Squirrels.

    A comfy chair, a computer, a glass of sweet tea, and a there any better set-up for a writer? I think not.

    LOVE this blog!!!!!

    1. Nyte; always glad to make you laugh out loud. I agree with your set up......except for the SWEET tea. Gag.

  2. Love that you are blogging again, and love this one! I concur with the previous post, great picture to put a smile on one's fast on this foggy Monday start to the week!

    1. Thanks Christy, I'm happy to be blogging again too. This is flowing nicely with my writing and as my second novel nears completion, I can share the process with everyone. LOL


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